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The Ultimate Modern Home-office Furniture List

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

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If you work from home, whether you are a freelancer, contractor, self-employed, or simply a remote worker, you need a home office you love! With Black Friday approaching, we wanted to create the ultimate modern home office furniture list, with curated, reviewed products that we love and recommend.

You are efficient, your time is valuable, so save time and money and use our curated list to browse through the top home office furniture picks out there, and know that you are buying quality products that last.

The list below contains products that have been reviewed, products that we recommend and trust in our own home. We will look at the following categories:




Active Products


Green decor

Let's get started!

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Standing Desks

We love standing desks because of their versatility, helping you sit some with a high chair, but also stand and increase blood flow while working on a computer.

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Foldable (Small-Space) Desks

If you live in a small space and can't afford to have a bulky desk taking up space all day, these foldable desks are a must-have for you.

Executive Desks

If you have a dedicated home office and want the versatility to move around, while having a large surface to work, write, print, and work on multiple monitors, you need a large executive desk. Here are our top picks.


Standing Desk Chair

If you have a standing desk, you need a standing desk chair for the times that you do want to sit and be at the height of your desk. Here are our picks.

Modern Office Chairs

While you don't want a bulky chair, you do want to be comfortable and feel supported while you work for hours every day. Here are our top picks that take into account quality, build, and value.

Lighting (Video-conference lighting)


Whether your office needs a desk lamp or a floor lamp, good lighting is crucial to decrease headaches and eye-strains. Here are our top picks, to meet your need at any specific time.

Zoom lighting (For video-conferencing)

You are probably taking zoom calls left and right; if so, make sure you look great while you do it with our best video conference lighting tools below.

Active Products

It has been proven that sitting for extended periods is bad for your health, heart, and mind, so stay active while you work! These are our top picks to stay active while at your desk.


Foot pedals


Video-conference earphones

Here are our top picks for wireless video-conferencing like a boss in your home office. These have reliable quality, good sound, great connectivity, and great bass for listening to great music after work!


When you simply need to relax or even focus, you want great speakers to provide the music or sounds that help you be more productive. Here are our top picks.

Green decor

Studies have shown that green decor brightens up a room, which brightens your mood, which makes you more productive! Check out our top picks.

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