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Best Exercise Equipment for Seniors

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

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We have shared articles on the best fitness trackers for seniors, and the best recumbent bikes for seniors. Today we want to share our thoughts on the best exercise equipment for seniors, from heavy technology-filled machines to affordable exercise balls.

After 50, or even after 60, remaining active is crucial to maintaining good health. This doesn't mean working out every muscle to stay toned, it is no longer about being lean, the most important piece is to remain healthy, with a healthy heart and a healthy mind.

Staying fit has many different benefits, which are increasingly important as you get older. Whether you are in your late 40s, 50s, 60s, or even 70s, it is not too late to start your fitness journey. Here are seven key benefits of exercising at any age:

1. It is great for your heart

This is not unique to any one exercise but to all workouts: working out is great for your heart! The more still that you are, which is very easy to do in places or times where and when it can be difficult to go outside to walk, bike, or run, the worse your health will be.

2. There are unique low-impact exercise

If you have problems with your knees or ankles, you need to workout, and there are great low-impact exercises for you, such as recumbent bikes. In a few words, you will not feel the bounce or the hard impact of concrete when running or the bumps on the road when biking. Stationary bikes, ellipticals, and other equipment give you a great workout with very little impact, which is great for your joints.

3. Working out burns calories

I'm sure you know this, I'm sure this is one of the reasons you want to exercise and be healthy, working out and exercising regularly does burn calories. Burning calories eliminates fat, which makes you feel healthier overall. If you burn calories, you will likely lose weight, which diminishes the weight on your knees, hips, and feet.

4. It reduces the risk of obesity

Working out reduces the risk of obesity, and today, working out is as simple and accessible for all as ever. As is well documented, working out reduces the risk of obesity and everything that comes with it, such as the risk of cardiovascular issues, diabetes, among others.

5. It reduces stress

One of the best ways to improve your quality of life is to improve your mental health, and that can be done by working out, especially in a comfortable, private way, at any age. By working out, exercising regularly, you are able to clear your mind, focus on your body, and reduce the stress of everything around you. By reducing stress, you are able to be your best self, and improve your mood! Don't just feel better mentally, but live better, sleep better, and heal faster.

6. Exercising is adaptive

It doesn't matter where you live, how much space you have, or how much equipment you have available, exercising is for you because of how adaptive it is. of the main benefits of riding a stationary bike is that it is highly adaptive. Whether you are just starting to workout, recovering from an accident and just starting to strengthen your muscles again, or staying fit after a lifetime of working out, there is a workout for you.

7. It improves balance and coordination

Regardless of age, it is very important to keep a strong core because it will help with balance and posture. According to the Mayo Clinic, a strong core leads to improved balance and stability, which makes all daily activities easier. This is especially important as you age! In addition, most exercises will help you improve coordination, especially as you increase the difficulty of your workouts on machines like a recumbent bike or cross-trainer.

Do I need to go to the gym to workout?

The quick answer is NO. We are in 2020 and as long as you have an Amazon or Dicks account, you can get everything you need shipped to your home and do everything from the privacy and safety of your home.

What are is the best exercise equipment for seniors?

Here are our top picks for different exercise machines and workout equipment, and each has a different benefit. We will look at the following:

  1. Rowing Machines

  2. Recumbent Bikes

  3. Folding Bikes

  4. Yoga Equipment

  5. Elliptical Machines

  6. Crosstrainer Machines

Rowing Machines

Rowing machines are a great low-impact exercise for people of all ages, but especially those who wish to limit the impact on joints. It is a machine that almost works out all muscle groups and can be safely done comfortably indoors. Not only can the resistance be changed to meet your fitness level exactly and not over-exert yourself, but it can also help you improve your heart health through controlled cardio. Here are our top two picks.

1. Sunny Health & Fitness Folding

Again, Sunny Health and Fitness is one of the most recognized brands in health and exercise machines. This is a durable machine that is high-quality, comfortable, and sturdy, one that should last for many years with proper care. We love its 16 resistance levels for a workout to fit you, not too hard, not too easy, and it is as quiet as a rower can be. Here are the features we like the most:

  • Bottle and device holder

  • Ergonomic foot pedals for top comfort

  • Large extra-padded seat

  • Convenient fitness monitor

  • Foldable for easy storage

2. ShareVgo Smart Rower Folding

ShareVgo is not as well-known a brand as Sunny Health and Fitness, but its review doesn't lie. This is a great machine that not only does the job, and does it well, it is also technological. We love that this machine connects to your phone via Bluetooth to show you all of the information you need and more. Bluetooth and phone connectivity makes this a unique piece for exercising. In addition, it comes with easy assembly so that you are on top of it and riding in minutes. Here are the features we love the most:

  • Six resistance-based goals

  • Easy sync with Android and IOS

  • Foldable for easy storage

  • Quiet

  • Holds up to 300 lbs.

Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent bikes are a great option for those who have a lifetime of enjoying bike rides. Recumbent bikes allow for a good workout pedaling, at different resistance levels, while also providing a very low-impact on joints since you are sitting down. Lastly, it is a very safe alternative, especially compared to going outside for bike rides. Ahead are our top two picks. For our full list, click here.

1. 3G Cardio Elite RB

If you are looking for the Mercedez or BMW of recumbent bikes, this is your pick. One of the best features that it has is a "narrow Q factor" distance between the pedals, which keeps your feet close together while you ride, allowing for an ergonomically correct position. This bike is very adjustable, for anyone that is 5' to 6'4", and has a terrific warranty that is a lifetime for the frame and seven years for the parts. This is a worthwhile investment for something that will last for many years. A few of its key features we love are:

  • Most comfortable seat in its class

  • Breathable mesh back

  • Holds up to 350 lbs.

  • Easy to move around because of its wheels

  • Handheld heart-rate monitor

2. Schwinn Recumbent

It is impossible to discuss exercise bikes of any kind without the brand Schwinn. Schwinn is one of the top brands worldwide when it comes to bikes, and that is no different with exercise bikes. One of its key features is a heavy flywheel that will help you easily start your ride and feel a very smooth, quiet, and realistic ride during your entire workout. Some of its best features are:

  • Bluetooth connectivity to sync with the Schwinn app

  • A great trainer phone app to guide you

  • 25 levels of resistance

  • MP3 input and USB charging for your phone

  • An easy-to-read large LCD screen

Folding Bikes

We have already touched on recumbent bikes and their benefits earlier. They are great options for those who enjoy riding a bike; however, recumbent bikes take a lot of space, and you may not have too much space available. If this is your case, a folding back is a great option. These bikes can easily fold for storage, they are light, and they still allow you to have a great cardio workout. While the seat may not be as comfortable as that of a recumbent bike, it is still great. Here are our top two picks.

1. TERRA Fitness Bike

If you live in a studio apartment or have a small patio, this is our pick for you! At under $150, it provides everything you need from a stationary bike while folding for easy storage after use! We love the solid X design with sturdy pedals, and 8 levels of manual resistance for a calm to strenuous workout from anywhere. Best of all, this is a foldable stationary bike that does the job!

2. Exerpeutic 400XL

If you live in a studio apartment or have a small patio, this is our pick for you! At under $200, it provides everything you need from a recumbent bike while folding for easy storage after use! We love the solid X design with sturdy pedals, and 8 levels of manual resistance for a calm to strenuous workout from anywhere. Best of all, this is a foldable stationary bike that does the job with a quiet belt system that supports up to 300 pounds! Lastly, it has a minimalistic LCD screen with all of the information you need, including heart rate, calories burned, time, speed, and distance.

Yoga Equipment

Yoga is a great exercise for seniors. Again, you need to know how to do it in order to do it safely, but there are many different youtube videos available that can help guide you. We recommend you have a good mat, exercise ball, and foam roller. Here are our top picks for each one.

Top Yoga Mat: Gruper Mat Non-slip - This mat is extra thick, durable, and comes with a carrying case.

Top Excercise Ball: UrbnFit - Great durable exercise ball with a quick pump and workout guide. In addition, it has an anti-burst design.

Top Foam Roller: LuxFit - This speckled foam roller has a 3-year warranty, with high-density foam. This is great for stretches and relaxing muscles as workout recovery.

Elliptical Machines

If you like going on walks but the impact on your joints is too much, or you do not wish to go outside every time you wish to workout, you should consider an elliptical. Ellipticals are great machines that have little to no impact, compared to running, even lighter than using a treadmill. In addition, most treadmills also allow you to workout your arms. This is a great option to get heart healthy. Here are our top two picks.

1. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Elliptical

If you are in the market for an elliptical, this has to be your top choice. Sunny Health & Fitness is one of the best brands out there for you because of durability and high-quality. This is a machine on which you will feel safe, stable, and have a great, enjoyable workout. With an internal flywheel and a belt-driven mechanism, this is a very quiet but powerful machine. Here are the top features that we like:

  • A very high weight capacity at 330 lbs.

  • Large, backlit display

  • 24 workout modes

  • Programmable magnetic resistance

  • Device holder

  • Floor stabilizers and transportation wheels

2. Sunny Health Standing Portable Elliptical

While this elliptical is much lighter and smaller that our first choice, it is a great choice for small spaces. It doesn't have all of the bells and whistles of other pieces, but it is part of a known brand, Sunny Health, a leader in fitness. This elliptical is as safe as it can be, but it doesn't allow as much movement as other machines and the workout doesn't really involve the arms. Here are the features we like the most:

  • It has a small monitor for key activity tracking measures

  • It is driven by a belt for a smooth feeling

  • 8 levels of magnetic resistance

  • Combines the benefits of a stepper and striding motion

Crosstrainer Machines

Crosstrainers are a combination of ellipticals and recumbent bikes that allow for a fairly complete workout while safely seated. If you have not heard of these, you need to look into them. Again, they are an alternative for a low-impact workout from the comfort of your own home, and they allow for a great cardio and muscle workout. Here are our top two picks.

1. HCI Fitness Physiotrainer CXT

We love this cross-trainer mainly because it is durable, stable, high-quality, and it comes fully assembled! It doesn't get much easier than this. On top of it all, it comes with an easy to read large LCD display to see calories burned, distance traveled, and other key metrics. Here are the key features we like:

  • Built-in heart rate receiver

  • Extremely quiet

  • 8 levels of magnetic resistance

  • Many different workout options from arms to legs to chest and back

2. Teeter FreeStep Recumbent

We like this cross-trainer because of the quality of the build, the design, and the sturdy frame. It is an extremely quiet machine that is easy to move because of its transport wheels. Lastly, it allows you to target different muscle groups, from arms to legs to chest, and even back. Here are the best features we like:

  • Provides a natural stepping motion

  • Easily variable resistance knob

  • Comfortable adjustable seat

  • Accessory holders

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