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We are a husband and wife that started the Trusty Home Guide out of a pure passion for people. We want to bring to light products and services that are great and that we love, but may not have the publicity or chic of mainstream products.

People go to yard sales or flea markets on treasure hunts, with hopes to find the item most people have not found. This site is a curated treasure hunt JUST FOR YOU with the best products we recommend.

Home-Office Tips and Work-Life Balance Articles

Our website is crafted to guide you with tips for your home office to make your workspace as positive and inviting as possible, improving your quality of life as well as guidance on having a healthy work-life balance.


Why we do this

 My husband and I started Trusty Home Guide in 2020 from our home in Virginia because of the number of people that was asking us for tips for working from home, and as a result, for help with work-life balance. We have worked from home for many years, both in separate careers, but both remote, and knew that we had a lot of insight to share. As a result, we created this site to make out home-office tips and help with work-life balance easily accessible to anyone who was interested. 

Our site focuses on two separate categories. The fist focuses on the home-office space, on the physical, tangible part of the office, because we believe that if you love your workspace, your mood will improve, and that will cause your productivity and efficiency at work to improve. For this first category, we provide timely articles on the top home-office products you would want to make that office a place you love to be in. The second category is work-life balance. This second part has articles that focus on helping you succeed at enjoying life while your home is also the place where you work. These articles range from the importance of staying active, to tips for working parents with small children at home. 

If you are interested in a particular topic that we have not ye covered, please email us today!


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